May I help you?


I’d guess that you have put a lot into getting your site launched. You may not want to make additional improvements, but I am sure that you want it to convey your message clearly and eloquently.  As you may have read on previous pages, errors of language and grammar use do happen, and they can harm your image. For this reason, I  have created several different levels of service, so as to to fit the needs of a wide variety of situations.


Website Grammar Consulting:

Please note that these are “introductory launch” prices. I do not know how long I will hold to them, but it may not be for very long.

For up to four pages of one web site, including the home page:

  • A simple check and report and recommendations on grammar and punctuation. $75.00.
  • A check on grammar and punctuation, plus comments regarding wordage and link effectiveness. $95.00
  • Both of the above plus suggested re-writes of parts where I see a smoother, more grammatical and/or more persuasive way of wording the message that you are presenting. $125.00
  • Additional pages can usually be added at my standard copy editing rate.

Of course this is a very simplified list. For a clearer idea of what you need, and what I can provide, we need to interact. The first step for that is for you to contact me and let me know whether you would prefer to talk on the phone or converse by email.

It is important to note that, at all levels of service, while I will suggest whatever changes I consider are needed, I will not make those changes for you. It will remain for you  to decide whether or not to follow my recommendations, and to make them – or have your webmaster make them – accordingly.

You may want to check out my testimonials page to see comments by several people on whose websites I have already made suggestions. (These suggestions were made, and followed, some months ago. I take no responsibility for how those sites currently look. It is likely that more changes have been made since then. However, from what the testimonials themselves say, you can tell that the site owners have found my work very helpful.) If you want to know more about my experience as a writer, editor, and grammarian,  please visit my About page.

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