Blog: A matter of words

Welcome, here you can find some thoughts about the use of words, including, at times, issues of international usage (it is the World Wide Web, after all). I have for many years lived in the U.S.A. but my native land is England. As a result, I am … [Read more...]

Language is a funny thing… “defunked”

Defunked? Yesterday a local TV station accidentally posted a word that is not a real word, and yet happened to be almost perfect in a semi-humorous way:  "New life for the former Medley Centre as developers unveiled plans for the defunked … [Read more...]

Deciding whether “I” or “me” is correct

There is a really simple way to know whether we should say “I” or “me” when telling of events, but it seems that many people, including folk on television who should know better, do not know this easy  trick. They say things like “Me and Betty went … [Read more...]