Blog: A matter of words

Welcome, here you can find some thoughts about the use of words, including, at times, issues of international usage (it is the World Wide Web, after all). I have for many years lived in the U.S.A. but my native land is England. As a result, I am acutely aware of “across the pond” issues, and may occasionally put particular emphasis on words that can occasionally lead to major misunderstandings and/or embarrassment, even though, technically, we both speak “English.” However, most of what I write relates to communication in general.

If you have landed here in pursuit of one of my blogs, again, welcome! I hope you find it – and perhaps others – useful. While you are here you may also care to explore other aspects of the website, particularly if you are yourself a website owner. I am passionate about helping people to write what they want to communicate without the distraction of typos, word misuse and, particularly, grammar glitches. As my tagline states, I want to help people to extinguish any grammar glitches that have snuck into their website content and that may detract from the power of their real message.

Words we speak

In addition, because I am often involved in public speaking, I may sometimes write about oral communication. After all, even in these days of texting and the internet, what we say and how we say it is often crucial to the people with whom we are the closest.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy!

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